This photo series began as not just a step outside of my comfort zone, but a full blown leap!!! I wanted to challenge myself to capture history in motion…to show the motions of time as they travel through air, over the rails and out on the open road. My own love of all things vintage and a desire to utilize my creative talent together to contribute to the colors of yester-year in the style for this series.

The elegance of the culture of travel has varied through the decades. Beginning with the steam engines, moving on to the airplane and eventually the automobile, the desire to see and travel the world has been enhanced and changed by each of these.

The steam train was a first for me as I had only ever had the opportunity to capture locomotives in stationary form, in motion was intimidating and exciting at the same time! Literally feeling the arrival as it shook the ground where I stood while rolling into the station, hearing the pitch of the whistle announcing it’s arrival, seeing the whole majestic view of the steam versus the cold January air and finally smelling the scents of the oil meeting hot burning gears as it came to a stop directly in front of me.

The planes are what began my love of the vintage lifestyle imagery that I also enjoy with the WWII nose art. The art of trying to boost the morale of pilots who were not guaranteed to make it back from their prospective missions, was ingenious and became its own art. The planes that are being restored, treasured and loved by their owners are preserving those memories and teaching a whole new generation about days gone by.

The automobiles here are a reminder to me of the age when times were so much easier. Times when glamour and simplicity were not shunned, but celebrated. These eras are what have continued to be both successful and nostalgic aspects, that have become a small way of keeping those times alive and well through my work.

Focusing on the details, the metal and the gears of the many moving pieces that each on their own would never move, yet together they become enchanting moving modes to carry us through life. I hope you enjoy the journey through time of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles…Vintage Iron Version.”


Front & Center
Enlightened Crossing
Golden Storm Light
Full Steam Ahead
Heavy Metal
Looking Forward
Silver Dreams
Navy 52
Horizon Lines
Navy Trainer
Ready for Take-Off
The Journey
Dent Stories
Grill Goals
The Flying Lady
Love the Drive